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Roadrunners Athletics


Roadrunners Athletics only awards 65% of permissible NCAA scholarships?

It’s true. MSU Denver’s has an astounding history of athletic success — four team NCAA national championships, five individual national championships, 38 RMAC tournament championships and 35 regular season championships, all since 1996 — and we’re doing it with only two-thirds of the allowable scholarships. 

Imagine how we could redefine success if we had access to the other 35%!

That’s where incredible Roadrunner fans like you come in. Roadrunner Athletics relies upon a dedicated team of supporters, committed to the success of our student-athletes both in the classroom and on the field of play. As a supporter of Roadrunners Athletics, you are an integral part of the team that ensures our over 200 student-athletes enjoy the greatest student-athlete experience possible. From the highest caliber competition to the most comprehensive academic experience, support from fans and donors like you is paramount to student-athlete success.